2010 Spring Sale

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Welcome to PatioStudio.com !!!

Thank you for visiting our Company! As we launch our little Patio store online, we set out on a mission, to offer the best value you can find on any of our products, and the most helpful information about the items we carry. Our aim is to provide you with a different kind of online store, one where you know what you’re buying, and why. If a salesperson at a store couldn’t answer basic questions like; What is the advantage of this product? What is it made of? And why does it cost what it does? Well, you wouldn’t buy from them would you? Neither would we, so it shouldn’t be any different online. We hope that you find the information you need to make a choice on our site. If you don’t, Send us an email with your question, and we’ll answer it straight away.

Now, we feel that when it comes to designing your perfect outdoor space, there should be a wealth of information to guide you, and the tools present to make sense of it all. We understand that finding the right item, and understanding the value you will receive for your money is paramount to making the best decision for your space and your budget. And ultimately, that’s the difference at PatioStudio.com. Here you will find the answers you need and the information you should know, for each of the products we carry, all offered at unbeatable prices. Start Shopping on the Side menu by choosing a product category. As you narrow your search you will find many options to help you navigate your way towards the right product for your taste and budget. Happy Shopping, and Keep visiting us as we expand our selection!